Thursday, August 11, 2011

St. Louis Zoo and more

It was a big day for a little guy! Noah took his first trip to the St. Louis Zoo, a personal favorite of the rest of the family. Us, along with Ma and Papa had a weekend get a way in St. Louis and the Zoo was one of the top visits. Noah loved it, he loves animals and such anyway, add in the fact he got to run around on a short leash,(yes we are one of those parents! Hey it is worth it.)and I say he had a pretty good time.

Although it was sticky HOT, we still made it through, I don't know which part was his favorite as he seemed to take a liking to most of what we saw. If I had to guess it would be one of 3 exhibits, the Penguins (who doesn't love penguins anyway), the Chimpanzees (he probably heard "Monkey" and needed to get a closer look), and the sea Lion show.

All in all a very good time, it wore us all out, but we'll be sure to go again soon, when its cooler! But you can bet we will take Noahs backpack leash again, what a lifesaver!

This was Dalyn's first Professional baseball game. (Noah and Ma stayed back at the hotel) A good one to start with too, Cubs vs Cards! GO CARDS! And we were not let down, good food, good company, and another win! Gotta love it.

I think he was almost overwhelmed a little. First the size and scope of Busch Stadium, plus we had great seats with a great view.

Dalyn also got to pick out a shirt at the pro-store, he chose a sweet Pujols one with a big image on it. He wore it proudly the first chance he had to go somewhere!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Water Park

On Saturday, Noah and I met Jaime and Dylan at the Strafford water park. The boys had a great time playing in the water. Dylan is a water baby. He ran and splashed, and drank the water : )! Noah had a great time also, but didn't play any different than he would have in our own yard. He spent almost the whole time meticulously filling cups and refilling cups, then the same with buckets! Oh, well he still had fun. It was also great to spend time with Jaime! Looking forward to the next play date!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pool Time!!

Noah usually loves pool time. He's been a fan of the water since birth! Ma and PaPa got a fancy new pool put in this summer and we were so excited for Noah because we thought he would just dive right in. However, once there all he wanted to do was throw diving sticks for us to go get. He is almost completely uninterested in getting in the water outside of sitting on the steps and kicking his feet. Hopefully this will change, there's been glimpses of him wanting to get further into the water, but this is definitely a slow process.


As Noah gets older he continues to find more ways to hang with his older brother Dalyn. Dalyn, being 10 years older, does a fantastic job of playing with Noah and looking after him. Noah on the other hand has liked Dalyn from day one.

When the nurf guns come out, Noah doesn't quite get the whole idea of these yet, so he uses this as a time to steal all the bullets his little fingers can grab. Dalyn doesn't seem to mind at all, his patience with Noah is to be commended, and it shows through Noah's affection for him.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sick little man

Just looking at these pictures you would not imagine that Mr. Noah snapped back to normal in about 24 hours. But did he scare the crap out of us! A doctors visit for a cough which turned out to be pneumonia turned into a hospital stay overnight. I do commend Cox Pediatric as they were all over it! Noah had hoses and tubes run, looked 2 shakes from death, but made it through just fine.
However as only Noah does, he managed to grab the attention of all present, and put to good use the wagons left available for all the sick kids. Noah about wore the soles off Pa-Pa's shoes getting hauled around, but for most of the first day, that's all he could manage
Things came around the second day as someone would have to follow Noah around to hold the oxygen hoses up that drug from his nose! What a Kid!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Easter Baskets

Everybody knows what happens on Easter! Baskets full of candy appear magically, and big smiles erupt on the faces of surprised children!
Noah definitely enjoyed his basket this year; there was so much for him to take in, although there was some distraction with plastic eggs and all. Psst...Noah... Theres candy inside silly!
One of the biggest gifts Noah got this year was his backpack! And yes, that's an Elmo pack for sure! You see, Noah has a thing for backpacks. He has been getting into other kids packs at the sitters for months, digging through them, wearing them around. One day when we picked him up from Connie's (sitter) he actually was wearing 3 different packs at the same time! This was a sign he had to have is own.
So the Easter Bunny listened and brought Noah a pack he loves. It fits him perfectly, its colorful like his personality. He carries this with him each day still!

Noah went through the basket like Thunder and Lightning! He took right to it, without much help at all! But momma did have to step in to organize the madness a little bit. You see, Noah is the inquisitive type he digs through everything, organizes, puts up, cleans out, etc etc etc. It's just how he is. But sometimes there's things he gets fixed on, like plastic Easter eggs.

One of the toys Noah received from the Easter Bunny was a puzzle, the kind where you pull a picture out and it has the real big handle and edges for kids his age. He loves these, loves his books, loves his blocks, and really loves his cars! That's just who he is! Noah received all these and candy! Oh yeah, I have to mention the candy! Marshmallow peeps, check! Sixlets, check! I have never known anyone that likes sixlets more than Mr. Noah.

Easter Morning church service was a big one this year. Noah "knows" what's going on, well mostly anyway, and Momma had bought him the cutest hat ever known to man. Of course Noah sported this like a champ! Again, just part of who he is, but like daddy-He's a hat guy! Yeah!!

It was a good day. We all got to dress up, and be with each other on a special day remembering the sacrifice Jesus made for us to be here and to save us. It was a great day because we were able to enjoy it with our little man who is everything to us, our world, our hearts.

And I mean seriously , who's going to have a bad day hanging with this guy pimping a fedora and the blond curls his momma made famous?

After getting all dressed up and showing off our beatiful selves at Ma and Papa's Noah got to dig into yet another Easter Basket-can you say S.P.O.I.L.E.D!! But we wouldn't have it any other way. An can you imagine, he got a toy school bus? And you know what, it's got to be in the genes because he loves this thing, its one of the "must-haves"of the daily Elmo pack...
Remember Noah, We love you and just saying those words cannot touch the joy that you have placed in our hearts!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grandma Clarks Rocker

Last weekend Noah was the lucky recipient of a passed along treasure. Grandma Clark after giving specific instructions (to me), passed along a family heirloom to Noah. A Rocker! This is no ordinary rocker; this thing has seen the years pass by, and numerous children. From what I believe this was my late grandma Winslow's rocker when she was a little one, and then went through mom and her sisters, Uncle Toms kids, and now onto Mr. Noah. What a blessing and honor to receive such a gift.

We thought Noah was ready for a chair of his own; he's been climbing on everything for several weeks now, and working his little way into the love sac and onto the couch. So, I casually mentioned this to mom, and Habra-cadabra and a trip to the shed, magically turned up "The Rocker". We set it in the living room and Noah immediately circled it, sizing up his prey, then climbed in, turned around, sat perfectly centered, and began to rock! And I'm saying he did it like a mouse to cheese, he was instantly rocking away, acting so casual as though he had been doing it for years!

Amazing he is, just amazing!

So now Noah has his chair, excuse me his "Rocker" and he uses it everyday. Although he, being the brave little Ape that he is, has decided he will stand up in it and giggle! It's so hard to get onto him sometimes for his antics; He seemingly has not a thought of danger or pain, just how far he can climb, how far he can walk and on and on....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Who needs toys?

It's a Hot Rod! It's a stepping stool! Nope-it's just a diaper box!

That's the case in our home as Noah has learned that used diaper boxes are the equivalent of the nicest ride on hardwood! Who would of thought a diaper box could be such a luxury ride? Only Noah, that's who!

Our little man has taken to being pulled around in a used diaper box from one end of the house to the other, then back again. He sits patiently and awaits his chariots steward before zooming off once again, curly hair blowing in the wind as he waves to the onlookers during his joyride! Its truly a joy setting back and watching the spectacle, the enjoyment and the pure happiness he shows in doing the simplest of things. The only downfall, you guessed it, someone has to pull him along! But what's a little effort compared to such a big smile on his face?

Got Boredom , Find a Diaper Box!

How about a Diaper Box Hat?

For the record. As of yesterday, Noah has a "real" Hot Rod!

And he Loves it!

Monday, March 21, 2011

First day of Spring & Cousins

The days are getting longer and so is Noah! We watch him grow everyday but still see him as our little baby, but that's from the sparkling eyes of the beholder!!
Spring has arrived and Noah's independence has only grown. He refuses to hold hands, refuses to walk the beaten path, and refuses to be the baby that he really is. Watching our little man grow before our eyes is priceless, absolutely priceless. It's like that golden moon bringing in spring or that first blooming flower, beautiful in simplicity, and yet just a reminder of how much is yet to come, that's our journey with our Monkey. A constant reminder of how many great things are yet to come, and the pleasure we have within to look back on the last 14 months and enjoy the memories he has already allowed us to join him in.
Our happiness surrounds Noah, He surrounds us with the love only parents can know. The type of love that makes your eyes water, your heart hurt, but yet all the while, a smile stretches across your face. It's that kind of love that Noah wraps around our family in magical strands.
Its his joyous yell, his frantic head banging, his ear piercing screams that make us move, make us know we are whole and our lives are intertwined forever, and forever filled with a happiness that can never be matched, controlled or forgotten!
We are greatly blessed to be a part of all this and to have the chance to be a part of what's shaping up to be one Monkey of a life!
The past weekend was filled with outdoor adventures. We went to the city park in Lebanon, and then walked over to visit the Joiner cousins. All three who adore and love Noah to death. He is a lucky little man! I think Hoyt and Noah love each other so much that hugs aren't enough, full body tackles are really the only way to express how they feel. But what's a dirty knee or two between pals?
The park was great! The time we spent as a family was golden! However the biggest laughs involved none other than Alliyah, Ruby, and Hoyt Joiner....have mercy on us all! The four of these kids will be a handful for years to come.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Turning 1

Noah turned 1 a few Saturday's ago. It was a bitter sweet day for me. I love him more, and more each day, yet I can't help to miss my little baby.

Ben and I set the alarm for 4:15 on Saturday. Noah wakes around 4:30 every morning, so we decided we would beat him to it. We wanted to make sure we had a cup of coffee before the clock turned to 4:29. It was that very minute, one year ago, that our precious little boy came into our lives. Ben held him while he drank his morning bottle, and I kissed his sweet, fat cheeks, and wished him happy first birthday!

Noah's Party

Noah was a little overwhelmed with his party. Tust me when I say he is not a shy little guy, except when people are invading his space!!! For some reason he catches the shy bug when he gets alot of visitors at our house. I don't know what it is, but he acts different than he does anywhere else, or when we are home just the three of us.

So needless to say, it took a while for Noah's show off self to finally show up! He opened his presents from all of the friends and family that came. Noah always likes the paper more than the presents! (We were missing a couple of special friends that day; Monica and Will were in Vegas, for Will's brothers wedding; and Emily and Kason couldn't attend because Kason had an ear infection) He got so many wonderful gifts. (thanks everyone! We are blessed and honored to have you in our lives!)

Then to the cake! He doesn't look happy in these pics, but let me tell you he was to busy eating, and licking his fingers, to smile. At one point hands where not enough, biting the cake head first was the only answer! He ate, and ate, and ate his cake! Thanks, Emily Fraker at Vanilla Bean Bake shoppe for making the delicious cake and cupcakes.

Noah I hope you read this some day:

I can not put into words how wonderful this year with you has been. You have filled mine and your daddy's heart with so much love. We get so excited with every new thing you do.

Your laugh is the most beautiful thing our ears have ever heard.

We love your open mouth kisses.

We love the way you say "dada, daddy" and "mom, mamma"

We love the way you run up to us and give us the biggest hug around our legs, with your head buried, screaming your little scream of joy!

We love snuggling with you in the love sac. (our gigantic bean bag, that fits our whole family)

We love your cheeks, your dance, your screams and your cries! We love your touch, the melting of our hearts when you look into our eyes. Our world is new and bright because of you; each day is met with eager hope and filled with excitement that only a little man like you could provide!

We love every minute that you've been with us, the good and the bad. All that we are is because of you, and words cannot place a meaning on the love you have let us learn.

Thanks for being our Monkey.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas was over 2 weeks ago! I am a bad mommy blogger.

We all had a wonderful Christmas. Noah enjoyed every minute of it. He got better at opening presents as the Christmas season went along.

I hope to do a much better job of blogging for his birthday. Which is just 2 weeks away. (Just typing it brings a tear to this mommy's eye)

I also have been very frustrated trying to get the video to play, without redirecting to another site. Oh well! For now, I will just post the video of Noah's first Christmas.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Basketball, Friends, Cousins, and Leaves.

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Noah and I went and watched his cousin Alliyah play basketball. Besides watching Alliyah play, we both got to spend some time with a friend. My friend Emily, has a son Kason, who is just a couple of months older than Noah. She also has a daughter the same age as Alliyah. The two of them are on the same basketball team. So while watching the girls play, we got to visit with each other, and let the boys play. I am looking forward to many more play dates for the 4 of us.

I love going to Alliyah's games. I wish I could go to more of them. She is a joy to watch. She is so fast and spunky! She is a spunky girl period, but on the court, at age 8, she already shows such promise.

Alliyah is such a special girl to me. She was my only neice for so long, and not having any kids of my own, I took to her right away. For the longest time I was her "NA NA". Now she has grown to be a beautiful little girl that calls me "Autumn".

She was so excited to meet Noah. I will never forget the look on her face when she sat on our couch and held him for the first time.

I am thankfull that Noah has such wonderfull cousins. I look forward to watching them all grow up. Just not too fast!

Our yard is covered in leaves. I mean covered! Any day that we have had to work on piling them and burning, it has been to windy. We attempted to remove some leaves from the front of the house. Just what was in the landscaping and front entrance made a huge pile. We gave up pretty quickly, and decided to just play with Noah instead. So we bundled him up, and let him play in the leaves. I sat him right in them. At first he wasn't sure about them. After a few seconds, he lit right up, and had a ball!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Noah's first Halloween

I had Noah's pic taken in his cute costume. Just had to have Dylan join him! Picture was taken by Aubrey Dennis Jones at Younique Photography.

Noah's first Halloween was so much fun. My mom made his adorable lion costume. I found this pattern right after I found out I was having a boy.

We celebrated Halloween by meeting friends at the Marshfield square where all the merchants were handing out candy. Noah fell asleep before we got out of our drive, and slept in his stroller the whole time. (I had fun pushing him around anyways.)

Then on Saturday, we got Noah all dressed up for our many stops.

1. Mom and Dad's where we met up with Josh and his kids.
2. Connie's Noah's babysitter.
3. Grandma Jones'.
4. Grandma Clark's.
5. Babs, Sheila, and Jeans.

Noah got lot's of special treats at each stop. Bab's, Sheila, and Jean got him a "Cars" car which he loved! Then Shelia sent us home with her special, and oh so yummy Halloween cupcakes!

I am already thinking of a Halloween costume for next year!

9 month check up!

Noah had his 9 month check up on Friday October 29Th.
He is now 27" tall and weighs 20lb 14oz.
Noah is in the 50 percentile in height and 10 percentile in weight.
He is growing so fast! Noah went from crawling to walking around furniture very fast. It took him a while to concur crawling, because once he figured out how to move, all he wanted to do was get to a table or chair to pull up. He now can walk along walls and is beginning to let go of what he is holding onto for a brief moment. As soon as he realizes he isn't holding on he starts to wobble a little before he grabs back a hold.
He has had a black eye on his left eye and a scrape on the other. All within 4 days. He just grabs onto stuff before you even know it.
Noah got his first tooth a week before he turned 9 months. His first tooth was his top left. He has since gotten his two bottom, they are still just at the surface.
Noah is quite the lover boy. He is always giving hugs and kisses.
He can say four words. Mama, Dada, baba, and hi.
He gives high fives, and waves bye, bye.
We love our little guy more than words can express. While it makes me a little sad that he is growing so quickly, I am also extremely excited to see what our little boy has in store for us this month, and all the months to come.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Pumpkin Fun

This weekend Ben and I took Noah and Dalyn to Hampton's Pumpkin Patch to pick out pumpkins. We had so much fun. The boys both enjoyed the hay ride, and Dalyn had a great time picking out his pumpkin. Sunday we decorated the pumpkins to display outside. Not sure, but I think Ben and I had the most fun with the decorating!

Ben and I made these pumpkin people. So fun!

Dalyn's pumpkin.

First Hair Cut 9-17-2010

Finally, here are the pictures of Noah's first hair cut. Unfortunately our camera stopped on us. These pics where taken with our new camera. Sadly, the new camera had something wrong with it! So the big cut pictures are not the quality I would like, but I am grateful that at least there are pictures.

Ma put Noah's hair in a pony tail before cutting so I could save it. You can't tell from the pics, but almost 2" was cut off.

After the cut! Much better!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wild Hair

So, I have been struggling over the past several weeks with the decision of whether to cut Noah's hair or not. Noah was born with a head full of long(in baby standards) dark hair. He eventually lost all of his hair, except what was on the very top. As it began to come back in the color changed to what sometimes looks like a light red, and others sandy blond. It also came back in curly. It seems that although Noah looks just like his daddy, he did get mommy's hair.

I had thought all along that I would wait and give Noah his first hair cut on his 1st birthday. Over time his hair had become longer, and longer. Curlier, and curlier, and yes much more out of control. I would fix his hair every morning but by the the end of the day it would just be wild! So last Thursday I decided that I had to do something about it.

I called mom and told her that I had decided I needed to go ahead and cut Noah's hair. She agreed that it was time, and volunteered to give him his first hair cut. I have to admit that just the thought of cutting his hair made me sad. A mommy shouldn't have to think about cutting off two inches of their babies hair at 7 months! But that is just what we did. Before I post the pics of the hair cut, I have posted the pics of Noah's ever changing hair from birth to pre-cut.