Thursday, August 11, 2011

St. Louis Zoo and more

It was a big day for a little guy! Noah took his first trip to the St. Louis Zoo, a personal favorite of the rest of the family. Us, along with Ma and Papa had a weekend get a way in St. Louis and the Zoo was one of the top visits. Noah loved it, he loves animals and such anyway, add in the fact he got to run around on a short leash,(yes we are one of those parents! Hey it is worth it.)and I say he had a pretty good time.

Although it was sticky HOT, we still made it through, I don't know which part was his favorite as he seemed to take a liking to most of what we saw. If I had to guess it would be one of 3 exhibits, the Penguins (who doesn't love penguins anyway), the Chimpanzees (he probably heard "Monkey" and needed to get a closer look), and the sea Lion show.

All in all a very good time, it wore us all out, but we'll be sure to go again soon, when its cooler! But you can bet we will take Noahs backpack leash again, what a lifesaver!

This was Dalyn's first Professional baseball game. (Noah and Ma stayed back at the hotel) A good one to start with too, Cubs vs Cards! GO CARDS! And we were not let down, good food, good company, and another win! Gotta love it.

I think he was almost overwhelmed a little. First the size and scope of Busch Stadium, plus we had great seats with a great view.

Dalyn also got to pick out a shirt at the pro-store, he chose a sweet Pujols one with a big image on it. He wore it proudly the first chance he had to go somewhere!

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