Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wild Hair

So, I have been struggling over the past several weeks with the decision of whether to cut Noah's hair or not. Noah was born with a head full of long(in baby standards) dark hair. He eventually lost all of his hair, except what was on the very top. As it began to come back in the color changed to what sometimes looks like a light red, and others sandy blond. It also came back in curly. It seems that although Noah looks just like his daddy, he did get mommy's hair.

I had thought all along that I would wait and give Noah his first hair cut on his 1st birthday. Over time his hair had become longer, and longer. Curlier, and curlier, and yes much more out of control. I would fix his hair every morning but by the the end of the day it would just be wild! So last Thursday I decided that I had to do something about it.

I called mom and told her that I had decided I needed to go ahead and cut Noah's hair. She agreed that it was time, and volunteered to give him his first hair cut. I have to admit that just the thought of cutting his hair made me sad. A mommy shouldn't have to think about cutting off two inches of their babies hair at 7 months! But that is just what we did. Before I post the pics of the hair cut, I have posted the pics of Noah's ever changing hair from birth to pre-cut.

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