Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grandma Clarks Rocker

Last weekend Noah was the lucky recipient of a passed along treasure. Grandma Clark after giving specific instructions (to me), passed along a family heirloom to Noah. A Rocker! This is no ordinary rocker; this thing has seen the years pass by, and numerous children. From what I believe this was my late grandma Winslow's rocker when she was a little one, and then went through mom and her sisters, Uncle Toms kids, and now onto Mr. Noah. What a blessing and honor to receive such a gift.

We thought Noah was ready for a chair of his own; he's been climbing on everything for several weeks now, and working his little way into the love sac and onto the couch. So, I casually mentioned this to mom, and Habra-cadabra and a trip to the shed, magically turned up "The Rocker". We set it in the living room and Noah immediately circled it, sizing up his prey, then climbed in, turned around, sat perfectly centered, and began to rock! And I'm saying he did it like a mouse to cheese, he was instantly rocking away, acting so casual as though he had been doing it for years!

Amazing he is, just amazing!

So now Noah has his chair, excuse me his "Rocker" and he uses it everyday. Although he, being the brave little Ape that he is, has decided he will stand up in it and giggle! It's so hard to get onto him sometimes for his antics; He seemingly has not a thought of danger or pain, just how far he can climb, how far he can walk and on and on....

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