Noah's first three months!

Grandma rocking and soothing Noah
We call this Noah's "milk drunk" smile!
Noah and Mommy
Daddy and Noah
Noah using Daddy as a recliner
Mommy feeding Noah in bed
So sweet! This is a picture from his 2nd day home.
Look at those legs!
Noah always has to sleep with his hands by his face. Never have been able to swaddle him!
Mommy and Noah
Noah holding his passy. He has done this from the beginning!
Noah's first bath. He loved it!
 The six above are cell phone pics. 

This is one of my favorite pictures of Noah. He looks so much like his Daddy!
Daddy and Noah on the couch
Noah after church 3/14/10
Mommy and Noah napping on the Love Sac
Daddy helping Noah hold his bottle. He wants to hold it by himself so bad!
Belly time!
Spencer holding Noah for the first time!
This bath did not go so well.
The after bath dressing went better!
Papa, Alliyah, and Noah
Papa and Noah
 Noah talking to Papa

This bath went much better. Lots of smiling and playing. He is going to hate these bath shots when he gets older!

Noah with the Easter Bunny!
Noah sitting in his new Bumbo Ma and Papa got him for Easter
Ma and Noah having fun!