Thursday, August 26, 2010

Noah and Dylan

Noah and I went for a visit to see Jaime and baby Dylan this past weekend. It was fun to watch Noah and Dylan together. Noah sees other babies at church, but this was his first time for him to have some baby on baby interaction. Boy did he have fun!

Noah and Dylan are only 7 weeks apart but for right now 7 weeks makes a big difference in what Noah can do physically vs Dylan. Noah just couldn't keep his hands off of Dylan. When I first sat him down in front of Dylan on the floor, the first thing Noah did was put his arms around Dylan, and pulled him in for a huge hug. This happened over and over. Dylan was so happy he let out the biggest laugh. His mommy and daddy said that was the biggest, longest laugh he had, had yet.

It was so fun to have the boys together! I hope that they grow to be the best of buddies! So far we are off to a great start!