Monday, April 4, 2011

Who needs toys?

It's a Hot Rod! It's a stepping stool! Nope-it's just a diaper box!

That's the case in our home as Noah has learned that used diaper boxes are the equivalent of the nicest ride on hardwood! Who would of thought a diaper box could be such a luxury ride? Only Noah, that's who!

Our little man has taken to being pulled around in a used diaper box from one end of the house to the other, then back again. He sits patiently and awaits his chariots steward before zooming off once again, curly hair blowing in the wind as he waves to the onlookers during his joyride! Its truly a joy setting back and watching the spectacle, the enjoyment and the pure happiness he shows in doing the simplest of things. The only downfall, you guessed it, someone has to pull him along! But what's a little effort compared to such a big smile on his face?

Got Boredom , Find a Diaper Box!

How about a Diaper Box Hat?

For the record. As of yesterday, Noah has a "real" Hot Rod!

And he Loves it!

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