Friday, May 20, 2011

Easter Baskets

Everybody knows what happens on Easter! Baskets full of candy appear magically, and big smiles erupt on the faces of surprised children!
Noah definitely enjoyed his basket this year; there was so much for him to take in, although there was some distraction with plastic eggs and all. Psst...Noah... Theres candy inside silly!
One of the biggest gifts Noah got this year was his backpack! And yes, that's an Elmo pack for sure! You see, Noah has a thing for backpacks. He has been getting into other kids packs at the sitters for months, digging through them, wearing them around. One day when we picked him up from Connie's (sitter) he actually was wearing 3 different packs at the same time! This was a sign he had to have is own.
So the Easter Bunny listened and brought Noah a pack he loves. It fits him perfectly, its colorful like his personality. He carries this with him each day still!

Noah went through the basket like Thunder and Lightning! He took right to it, without much help at all! But momma did have to step in to organize the madness a little bit. You see, Noah is the inquisitive type he digs through everything, organizes, puts up, cleans out, etc etc etc. It's just how he is. But sometimes there's things he gets fixed on, like plastic Easter eggs.

One of the toys Noah received from the Easter Bunny was a puzzle, the kind where you pull a picture out and it has the real big handle and edges for kids his age. He loves these, loves his books, loves his blocks, and really loves his cars! That's just who he is! Noah received all these and candy! Oh yeah, I have to mention the candy! Marshmallow peeps, check! Sixlets, check! I have never known anyone that likes sixlets more than Mr. Noah.

Easter Morning church service was a big one this year. Noah "knows" what's going on, well mostly anyway, and Momma had bought him the cutest hat ever known to man. Of course Noah sported this like a champ! Again, just part of who he is, but like daddy-He's a hat guy! Yeah!!

It was a good day. We all got to dress up, and be with each other on a special day remembering the sacrifice Jesus made for us to be here and to save us. It was a great day because we were able to enjoy it with our little man who is everything to us, our world, our hearts.

And I mean seriously , who's going to have a bad day hanging with this guy pimping a fedora and the blond curls his momma made famous?

After getting all dressed up and showing off our beatiful selves at Ma and Papa's Noah got to dig into yet another Easter Basket-can you say S.P.O.I.L.E.D!! But we wouldn't have it any other way. An can you imagine, he got a toy school bus? And you know what, it's got to be in the genes because he loves this thing, its one of the "must-haves"of the daily Elmo pack...
Remember Noah, We love you and just saying those words cannot touch the joy that you have placed in our hearts!


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