Noah's Birth

Noah was born at 4:29 am on Friday January 22, 2010. His birth actually began on Tuesday night when I woke up with mild contractions. They continued all day Wednesday and Wednesday night. They became more regular and intense on Thursday. I worked on Thursday and stayed at work with them being 15 min apart. I had a doctor appointment on Thursday at 1:30. At the doctor appointment they said that I was dilated to 3.5 cm. Dr. Williams helped me along before I left the appointment and said that he wouldn't be surprised if I was delivering the next morning.

I drove home myself. By the time I got home my contractions had increased and were 7 min apart. Grandma and Mom came over to stay with me until Ben got home to take me to the hospital. We left as soon as he got home and were at the hospital by 5:00 pm Thursday evening. I was still dilated at 3.5 cm. Dr. Williams had me walk the halls for two hours to try to get my water to break. When this didn't happen they finally admitted me to labor and delivery and broke my water.

I finally had dilated to 5 cm by 12:00 am on Friday. I was put on pitocin at 1:30 am. By 3:30 am I still hadn't dilated past 5.5 cm. Shortly after that they lost Noah's heart rate and started preparing the operating room for an emergency c-section. They finally got his heart rate back and made the decision that since they were having problems tracking his heart rate and I had been in labor for so long and hadn't got past 5.5 that they would go ahead and deliver via c-section.

So with Ben and I in the operating room and Ma and PaPa waiting in my room Noah was delivered at 4:29 happy and healthy!

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