Monday, March 21, 2011

First day of Spring & Cousins

The days are getting longer and so is Noah! We watch him grow everyday but still see him as our little baby, but that's from the sparkling eyes of the beholder!!
Spring has arrived and Noah's independence has only grown. He refuses to hold hands, refuses to walk the beaten path, and refuses to be the baby that he really is. Watching our little man grow before our eyes is priceless, absolutely priceless. It's like that golden moon bringing in spring or that first blooming flower, beautiful in simplicity, and yet just a reminder of how much is yet to come, that's our journey with our Monkey. A constant reminder of how many great things are yet to come, and the pleasure we have within to look back on the last 14 months and enjoy the memories he has already allowed us to join him in.
Our happiness surrounds Noah, He surrounds us with the love only parents can know. The type of love that makes your eyes water, your heart hurt, but yet all the while, a smile stretches across your face. It's that kind of love that Noah wraps around our family in magical strands.
Its his joyous yell, his frantic head banging, his ear piercing screams that make us move, make us know we are whole and our lives are intertwined forever, and forever filled with a happiness that can never be matched, controlled or forgotten!
We are greatly blessed to be a part of all this and to have the chance to be a part of what's shaping up to be one Monkey of a life!
The past weekend was filled with outdoor adventures. We went to the city park in Lebanon, and then walked over to visit the Joiner cousins. All three who adore and love Noah to death. He is a lucky little man! I think Hoyt and Noah love each other so much that hugs aren't enough, full body tackles are really the only way to express how they feel. But what's a dirty knee or two between pals?
The park was great! The time we spent as a family was golden! However the biggest laughs involved none other than Alliyah, Ruby, and Hoyt Joiner....have mercy on us all! The four of these kids will be a handful for years to come.

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